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Novus Labels offers customers a portfolio of high quality specialised label-printing solutions. We have the capability to produce wet-glue labels for the beverage industry, wrap-around labels for the carbonated soft drink and bottled water markets, and pressure sensitive labels (PSL) for the food and beverage markets. Our ideology has always been about personalised service and our purpose is to provide customised labelling solutions that add value to our customers’ products and brand, ensuring that their brands really stand out. We pride ourselves on being involved in our customers’ processes and understanding the type of end user experience they wish to achieve with their product.


For high quality labelling solutions, Novus Labels and its specialised facilities offers an array of options leaving our customers spoilt for choice. Our wealth of experience and extensive capabilities will ensure that our labels add the finishing touch to perfectly match a product.

Labels and the labelling process is a highly technical space with many aspects to consider. Coupled with this, each market and product has its own unique set of requirements in terms of performance and compliance.

We pride ourselves in being innovative and offering unrivalled quality for long runs with impressive turnaround times.

Wet-glue labels

Predominantly servicing the beverage market, wet-glue labels are printed on white coated or metallised paper and can be enhanced with a variety of special finishes to really bring our customers labels to life. These labels are printed on a 10-colour Cerutti packaging gravure press.

Wrap-around labels

The preferred option for the carbonated soft drink and bottled water market, wrap-around labels are the best-suited solutions for long print runs.

Pressure sensitive

Pressure sensitive labels (PSL) are one of the most popular and widely used adhesive label options today, and are known for their quality and versatility. Pressure sensitive labels are available in a variety of substrate options, including but not limited to, clear, white and metallised films, suitable for non-returnable and returnable products.

Having added pressure-sensitive labels to our formidable printing and finishing capabilities in 2019, our investment in advanced gravure printed wide web PSL equipment places Novus Labels at the forefront of the labels and packaging market.

The Element of a label

Sourcing of substrates

We source from a broad base of international and local manufacturers which allows us to offer an optimum substrate solution and to support sustainability as a high focus.

Quality of inks

Our ink supplier base consists of long standing relationships with market leaders around ink technology and we are continuously developing exciting and cost effective ink options.

Print production

We are proud to offer a full, in house Gravure Cylinder, Pre-press capability that is unique to the industry and places us firmly at the forefront of print turnaround times.